Wesley Wheeler

Wesley Wheeler is a well-rounded creative from Los Angeles. As a photographer, fashion stylist, and musician, Wesley keeps himself busy being creative on a daily basis. Commonly found online under the alias "Wesleh", his popularity began on Tumblr, where he has drawn in a crowd of over 60,000 followers. Wesley has been involved with music since an early age and continues to grow in his musical talent. His primary focus is percussion, but he also has experience with lots of other instruments. Wesley has been around photography his whole life, with family members and friends as hobbyist and professional photographers. Wesley began styling professionally in the year of 2013 with an internship as a stylist assistant where he has styled for magazines such as "Glow", "August Man", and "DaMan". 

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by Wesley Wheeler. 


Wesley has been featured as a background actor in a few music videos. He can be found in the video for Allstar Weekend's "Life As We Know It, Avery's "Good Times", and Smallpools' "Dreaming". 

Wesley can be contacted for business enquiries only by email at: wesleh@wesleh.com. He can also be contacted by phone at 1 (646) 493-8672.